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skeily Sep 26

Many car owners always complain about the high cost of the machine and therefore miss the opportunity for many machines. So how to save money, the key is to choose the right equipment.

How to choose, is this a problem? Some people focus on brand and quality, but I think the function is very important. To choose a laser hair removal machine, you need to know what features it has and make sure it is relevant to your business. If your spa has a variety of treatments, why not use multi-function devices to save money? Multi-function devices not only reduce costs but also save space and make the operation more convenient.

For example, our E-light summarizes three laser technologies.

IPL technology delivers stable hair removal, effective skin rejuvenation, perfect wrinkle removal, and wonderful pigment removal.
SHR technology enables super hair removal and rapid skin rejuvenation.
E-light technology for mild hair removal, excellent firming skin, deep wrinkle removal, and comfortable skin regeneration.
Can you benefit from E-Light?

In New York City, the cost of laser hair removal for both legs is $475 per door. Each customer needs an average of 6.4 hair removal treatments per year. On average, every normal family of about 2.7 people needs hair removal. this means:

If you are an end user,

You need to spend 475 * 6.4 * 2.7 = $ 8208 / year

An E-Light is at least $3,200 for five years. So E-Light can save you at least $8208-$3200/5 = $7608/year

If you are the clinic owner,

There are 2 clients asking for treatment every day, and your treatment every month.

The clinic is only open for 5 days (days) x 4 days (weeks) = 20 days.

So E-Light helps you make money: 2 (customer) x 20 (days) x 12 (months) x 475 dollars = 228,000 dollars / year

Therefore, choosing the right equipment can not only save money but also make a lot of money. I believe this is the goal of every master.