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Our experts weigh in on four of the biggest questions in NASCAR:Turn 1: Did NASCAR make the right call on Martin Truex Jr. Brad Boxberger Jersey . for passing on pit road?Ricky Craven, ESPN NASCAR analyst: By the letter of the rule, yes. But the primary concern all drivers will have headed into this weekends drivers meeting is this: Where is the line of judgment when it comes to this rule? Because it feels like a gray area in terms of how far it can or cannot be pushed. Steve ODonnell has made it clear that it will be addressed in detail on Sunday. Im eager to hear Martins response.Ryan McGee, ESPN.com: According to the rulebook ... yes? I usually make a sandwich or take a nap instead of pay attention to the prerace drivers meetings. They tend to be a bit Groundhog Day-ish, especially since Jeff Gordon and his weekly questions retired. ?But this week I will pay close attention to how it is addressed, as NASCAR has promised, and what the reaction is to whatever is said.John Oreovicz, ESPN.com: Ultimately yes, assuming that NASCAR consistently makes similar calls in the future. Truex and the No. 78 team didnt break the letter of the law, but they did violate it in spirit, and the advantage he gained was plainly obvious in video replays. Drivers and teams are going to push the limits of the rules, and for NASCAR, this was the proverbial straw that broke the camels back.Bob Pockrass, ESPN.com: NASCAR made a judgment call and it leans more toward the wrong call than the right call. It certainly wasnt horrible and NASCAR rules indicate a driver cant pass to the left. But considering Truex didnt speed, what he did Saturday night could be -- and considering NASCARs no-calls in the past should be -- viewed as in the act of pitting. At worst, NASCAR should have warned Truex, considering earlier in the race it warned Brad Keselowski about laying back on a restart and told him not to do it again. The bottom line is that the leader could have done what Truex did without penalty -- and is that the type of advantage/perk a leader should get? That could be a huge advantage.Turn 2: Does the big lobster in Victory Lane at New Hampshire make you hungry, scared or creep you out?Craven: None of the above. Im a Maine Boy and I dont know a lot, ?but I know this: Never look forward to eating a large lobster. They are tougher than a $2 steak. In fact, never order larger than a 2-pound lobster or you will be cheating your palate. A lobster that size serves two purposes ... photo ops, and making baby lobsters!McGee: I love it. I actually offered to interview it for an ESPN.com story once. However, I have no interest in holding it or eating it. Unlike crab legs, where bigger is better, I have heard that Godzilla lobsters are dang near inedible. But I defer to our resident Mainer, Mr. Craven, when it comes to all things race cars and crustaceans.?Oreovicz: All of the above. Lobster is usually a treat to eat, but Im fundamentally scared of things with stingers and/or claws and the thought of how old such a huge creature must be kind of creeps me out.Pockrass: Creeps me out. Sorry not sorry, this Yankee-born dude just doesnt like seeing live creatures with their claws tied. Yeah, its tradition and its a photo op. But it still is creepy, especially knowing that the winning team gets sent the meat of that lobster in the days following the victory.Turn 3: The trucks race at Eldora next Wednesday. Should there be more NASCAR races on dirt?Craven: I would be in favor of Cup races on dirt. Seems obvious to me fans are seeking something different. Our sport frequented dirt tracks in the early days, and today, short-track racing across the country seems more vibrant on dirt than asphalt. Lets have a dirt-track race beginning in 2017, then add a second at Bristol for the Chase in 2018 (yes, that means hauling in loads of dirt). It will work! Im very open-minded on the subject.McGee: No. This event is special and its the one time the Truck Series really gets to stand out anymore. So leave it be.?Dont let it become night racing or interleague baseball, which used to be special but have been killed by over-repetition.?If Cup guys want to run it, they can file an entry form.Oreovicz: No. Its fun once a year, but dirt-track racing is fundamentally a grassroots sport and should be kept that way. A midweek race on pavement is a better way to shake things up.Pockrass: No. The Eldora race is special and unique because it is the one and only. Tony Stewart wouldnt mind having an Xfinity race at the track, but maybe it would be better if it was an all-star Xfinity event for 20 cars for young drivers whose teams can afford it. Maybe NASCAR should mandate all the car numbers that field a Sprint Cup driver during the season must field a car at Eldora for an Xfinity all-star race for a full-time series regular. That could mean drivers for smaller teams getting a shot in a Cup-backed effort for this one race.Turn 4: Should NASCAR experiment with its 2017 package again this year or were races at Michigan and Kentucky enough?Craven: I have had enough experimenting. Im reduced-downforced to the point of no return. Can we please spend the second half of the year talking about drivers, rivalries, ticket prices or any damned thing other than low downforce, aero change bulls---?McGee: No. Doing it twice is enough. The next time I want to see it in a race is at Atlanta next year. If they want to add a Thursday test day and make everyone run some full simulated green-flag race runs, fine. But theres entirely too much at stake for too many teams between now and the end of the season to be conducting real-time test sessions.Oreovicz: Two races was plenty. Midseason rule changes are never desirable, and its unfair to ask teams to develop a different package for the playoffs because it might give an advantage to those organizations with more resources than others. The two races gave the teams some direction as they prepare for 2017, but it minimizes the distraction that would have come from having to develop two separate setups for the 2016 stretch run.Pockrass: It really should use it at Charlotte, a more traditional 1.5-mile track than Kentucky. NASCAR could have a test at Charlotte between Michigan and Darlington for teams to prepare and hopefully Goodyear could make gains on the tire. It would throw a little wrench in the Chase, but its the second round and first race of that round -- teams would have Kansas the following week to use what theyve learned all season and then roll the dice again at Talladega. The whole Chase is in some ways a roll of the dice with only three races per round. Another twist wouldnt hurt. But dont plan on it happening. Discount Diamondbacks Jerseys Online .ca! Hi Kerry, Its another day and here we are looking at another dubious hit to the head. In this case Blue Jackets forward Brandon Dubinsky elbowed Saku Koivu in the head about a second after he dished off the puck to a teammate, knocking him unconscious. Buy Cheap Diamondbacks Jerseys . -- Bobby Ryan helped the U. http://www.diamondbacksjerseyscheap.com/?tag=luis-gonzalez-jersey . The Vancouver coach and an announced sellout crowd of 18,910 watched in dismay as the Canucks lost 7-4 to the New York Islanders on Monday night by squandering a 3-0 lead in the third period.England would be better off starting with Harry Kane instead of Daniel Sturridge in Fridays World Cup Qualifier against Scotland, according to Danny Higginbotham. The Liverpool striker is expected to get the nod to lead the line for Gareth Southgates side at Wembley, but tactical expert Higginbotham believes Scotlands deep defensive line might make it difficult for him to use his pace.Daniel Sturridge is a fantastic player who likes to play on the shoulder of opposition defences, he told Sky Sports. The problem youre going to find is that the back four are going to be happy to play deep and narrow. The midfield are going to come tight and deep too. Watch NOW TV Watch Sky Sports for just £6.99. No contract. What you are going to find then is that there isnt going to be the space for Sturridge to run into. It doesnt matter how quick you are, theres not going to be any space to expose the oppositions lack of pace, unless you get an early goal. Danny Higginbotham thinks Daniel Sturridge could struggle to find space Youre not going to shift that back four around too much and that becomes a bit of an issue because youll find a lot of players are grouped together with a lack of movement. Taijuan Walker Jersey. Southgates apparent decision to start with Sturridge raised eyebrows in some quarters. The 27-year-old scored in Englands recent 2-0 win over Malta, but he is yet to net a Premier League goal this season having fallen down the pecking order under Jurgen Klopp. Merse on England v Scotland England must put Scotland under pressure at Wembley, says Paul Merson Higginbotham believes Tottenhams Kane, who scored from the penalty spot on his return from injury against Arsenal at the weekend, could be better equipped to break Scotland down.What you see with Harry Kane is that hes quite happy to drop deep, said Higginbotham. The problem you then have as a centre-back is, do you go with him or do you not? If you dont then hes able to turn and look for the likes of Raheem Sterling and Theo Walcott. But if you go tight, then youre still leaving space between the centre-backs and full-backs. Thats why I think its key for Kane to play.Higginbotham also discusses how Wayne Rooney could help unlock Scotlands defence from midfield, and assesses Scotlands attacking options. Watch the video above to see his full analysis. Also See: Merse on England v Scotland Sturridge no risk, Rooney is Poppy action down to match chief VOTE: England or Scotland? NFL Jerseys Wholesale China Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale Stitched Jerseys China Jerseys Cheap Cheap Jerseys Online Cheap Jerseys Throwback Cheap NFL Autographed Jerseys ' ' '